Word for Word project

I’m looking for 12-20 students who are interested in the Word for Word project. The students will work in groups of 4-6 students, each specialized in one task (from organizing the show to promoting the event).
For more information, come to our lunchtime meeting on Oct 2 at 12:30 in L3 and sign up then!

14 thoughts on “Word for Word project

  1. sorry to post something here, but seeing as we couldn’t find were to apply in order to attend the meeting concerning the word for word TA, we were advised to leave a message on this blog, hoping it will be enough.

    see you on october the second

  2. Hello,
    I’m a 2nd year student and I want to know if I should sign up for this Word for Word project before or after the meeting on October 2?
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello,
    I would be really glad to take part in this project, having to welcome a theatre company and take care of their plays sounds really interesting to me !
    With kind regards,

  4. Bonjour,
    Nous souhaitons nous inscrire pour le TA word for word. Voici nos noms:
    Léo Lenel
    Manuel Vila
    Antoine Poitevin
    Nicolas Degorce
    Mickael Sarfati
    Alexandre Raguenes

    Cordialement Nicolas Degorce

  5. In my second year in Centrale Nantes, I am really interested in working on the ‘Word for Word’ project. If it is possible, I would rather work with the group C, because I am interested in lights and props on all kind artistic shows, and especially in theater. More over, this summer, I worked on a movie shooting where I was said to take care of the actors when they weren’t acting, so welcoming the actors really interested me.

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